Hi I’m Zack and welcome to my project.

I wanted an easy way to compare versions of the Bible and I did not want to rely on external sources that could go offline or change so I put this site together.

Version Availability

You might notice only a hand full of versions are available. That is because most modern translations of the Bible are under copyright laws. Your only allow to quote something like 500 verses. It might be different for different translations. But the point is I'm trying to keep it legal.

So for translations that are under copywrite law I have only added a hand full of some of the more populer verses to stay under that 500 verse limit.


I have added a new notes area at the bottom of the page. The idea is to help explain or give background on a verse. Not to add or take anything away from the scriptures themselves. The notes could be misinformed so remember the scriptures themselves take the priority.

Errors and Mistakes

If you find any errors are mistakes please let me know. I do my best to make sure everything is as accurate as humanly possible.